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Stickman Gun Shooter

The first ever stickman game developed by Ferro Entertainment. It has over 3 million downloads worldwide. Dive into the ever challenging Stickman Shooting Range. It features tons of AI characters and unique weapons.

Go to Stickman Zombie 3D

Stickman Zombie 3D

Jump into the battle arena packed with zombies and stickman fighters. It’s all about your survivors in this game. Keep you guns loaded and your energy high and don’t forget to explore the maze.

Go to Stickman Fighting 3D

Stickman Fighting 3D

Stickman 1v1 Combat game with characters unlike any other game. Gives you the feels of old combat games like Mortal Combat.

Go to Stickman Neon Fighting

Stickman Neon Fighting

A challenging 1v1 game in neon style. Offers great combat system and a wide range of characters to choose from.



Founder & CEO
21. Self-taught games developer and designer. Mainly handles Game AI Design and Programming. Started the Ferro Entertainment 2 years ago.

Rohail Rauf

Co-founder & Chief Designer
My name jeff.

Omer Mujtaba

Co-founder & CTO
My name jeff too.

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